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up, highlights of the niners and raiders of the and russian plane crashing into a highway. what you need to know weather-wise for new year's eve. leigh glaser has the forecast after the break. >> i'm rick kwan. pryor shows his potential in his first star [ boy 1 ] hey! that's the last crescent. oh, did you want it? yea we'll split it. [ female announcer ] made fresh, so light, buttery and flakey. that's half that's not half! guys, i have more! thanks mom [ female announcer ] pillsbury crescents. let the making begin [ female announcer ] holiday cookies are a big job. everything has to be just right. perfection is in the details. ♪ get to holiday fun faster with pillsbury cookie dough. cheese plate? cheese plate...nope. i made something better. ♪ you used the oven? boom ♪ [ male announcer ] pillsbury crescents. let the making begin. here's a better idea. pillsbury grands! flaky layers biscuits in just 15 minutes the light delicate layers add a layer of warmth to your next dinner. pillsbury grands biscuits let the making begin. >>> new video shows the explosive impact of a plane
is in and you have the niners highlights. >> a lot of excitement i might lose my voice. >> ama: all the screaming. >> rick: for the 489ers to win the nfc west and earn the first-round bythey had to beast arizona and green bay lose to minnesota. the offense got going in the second. kaepernick and crabtree, the two-play drive. hits crabtree for the 31-yard gain, and then kaepernick finds crabtree open for a 49-yard touchdown. that connection was clicking. david akers continues to have his problems, making just two of four field goal attempts. with justin smith still sidelined, francois is trying to filled the void. frenchy is just that, sagging brandon hoyer, in the third, kaepernick and crabtree dream up again. crabtree, 172 yards and two touchdowns, the first niner to have more than 1,000 yards rereceiving since terrell owens in 2003. gore gets his 51st rushing touchdown, a franchise record. for the second straight year, san francisco wins the nfc west. >> really happy. with the win. that was our mission. that was our one thing we wanted to get done today, and we got that done. the
-old daughter. >>> coming up, highlights of the niners and raiders. >>> the amazing video that shows a russian plane crashing into a highway. >> and leigh glaser will you know how much grandma wanted to be here for your fist christmas? you see grandma lives waaaay down here, and you live way up here. brian, your cousin, he's a little bit older than you, he lives here, in chicago. and your aunt lisa lives here, in baltimore. uncle earnie? waaay out in hawaii. but don't you worry, we will always be together for christmas. [ male announcer ] being together is the best part of the holidays and cheerios is happy to be part of the family. you just ate dallas! >> ama: new video shows a plane crashing into traffic in russian. the video is from a passing car. the plane overshot the runway during the landing. one of the plane's tires shot across the road and slammed into a car. the driver was unhurt. the plane ripped apart into three massive pieces, then burst into flames. four people on the plane were killedful the plane was just a few feet airplane from a much busier section of the road. >> visitors t
are talking playoffs. >> it is here now. the niners finish the regular season with a victory. the nfl playoff picture is all set. we'll show who you is playing who the first round. as for the 49ers, they can sit back and watch the first week thanks to a career performance by michael crabtree. >>> the nfl playoff picture is set. the 49ers are the number two seed in the nfc and we will get a first round bye. to win the division they had to take care of the cardinals at the stick. the niners looked pumped up, but they trailed 6-0 after the first quarter. the offense got going in the second and kaepernick and crabtree team up for a two-play, 80-yard drive. first he hits crabtree for a 30-yard gain, and then the next play kaepernick gets away from the pressure and finds crabtree for a touchdown. while that connection was clicking, akers continues to have problems. he made two of four field goal attempts. this meant they only lead it 7-6 at the half. with smith still sidelined, francois is trying to fill the void. frenchy did just that. later in the third and they team up again. crabtree with eight
quan is in. we are talking playoffs. >> it is here now. the niners finish the regular season with a victory. the nfl playoff picture is all set. we'll show who you is playing who the first round. as for the 49ers, they can sit back and watch the first week thanks to a career performance by michael crabtree. [ female announcer ] now get high speed internet at home on our newly expanded advanced digital network, a connection you can count on. introducing at&t u-verse high speed internet with more speed options, reliability and wi-fi hot spots than ever. go to our website below to get u-verse high speed internet for just 14.95 a month for 12 months with a one-year price guarantee. it's all the speed you need all at a great price. our newly expanded advanced digital network gives you more of what you enjoy online. and with at&t, our wireless gateway turns your home into a private wi-fi hot spot that connects your wi-fi devices and can even save on your smart phone data usage at home. go to our website below to get at&t u-verse high speed internet for just 14.95 a month for 12 mon
. they beat the arizona cardinals 27 - 13, in their final game of the regular season. the niners now looking ahead to the playoffs - and thanks to a loss by green bay - the team is getting a first round bye! as you can imagine - lots of excited fans around the bay area tonight. kron4's scott rates was on the side-lines for the big game - and has more. >> the fans are pumped up for the regular last game of the season. the 49ers it did not disappoint. they peck candlestick park to watch their regular last season came in. >> i thought was awesome! >> it was great. >> it is my first time being here and it was awesome. >> reporter: they quickly turned it around and the fans are ready for the playoffs. >> we've got the super bowl and getting there is a great thing. >> i think the 49ers are the number-one team in the n f l. and the forty-niners will get that first round bye with the green bay packers of losing today struck rates, kron 4 news. >> spot rate scott rates, kron regular season for the oakland raiders - but not as happy of an ending as for they lost to the san diego chargers 24-21 - a lat
cardinals 27 - 13, in their final game of the regular season. the niners now looking ahead to the playoffs -- and thanks to a loss by green bay -- the team is getting a first round bye! as you can imagine -- lots of excited fans around the bay area tonight. kron4's scott rates was on the side-lines for the big game -- and has more. >> reporter: let us get right to it, they started off a little bit slow. this 49 yearpass. all the way to kaepernick, making it 7-6. and in the third quarter, michael crabtree with a 7 yd pass to kaepernick. and if the niners would adjust roll from this point, forward. this to a yard run into the and so on. the forty-niners victory, a big day. green bay, they lost. the niners will get a first round bye add that will be into the playoffs which is great news. all of the fans are happy and this is what coach jim harbaugh had to say. >> i need an extremely happy. with the victory, that was our mission, but one thing that people wanted to do. we got that done, to be the champion. the western champion means a lot to us and our players. i congratulate them on getting t
will take you around the nfl. the niners were ambushed in seattle. the seahawks were lead by jim harbaugh's former stanford players who counted for three td's. >>> those of us who play the game knew that colin kaepernick would have a let down. he just doesn't have enough experience to keep up the solid play he had in the start of his career. it caught up with him in seattle. his confidence was shaken. it could affect his play the rest of the way. the first possession and the former cal bear and 24 of his 130 total yards on offense right here. he had two td's. niners get a scoring opportunity on this field goal. but it is blocked by bryant and the stanford man richard sherman. he goes 90 yards the other way. niners are up 28-6 at the half. this dpaim was pretty much over. seattle says not yet. wilson four td passes. another red zone opportunity for the niners. collins is picked off and he was 244 yards, it touch down and a pick. they improved to 10 and 5. 42-13 your final. >> it is not our first loss. we will wake up tomorrow and have a half 2k3w5eu78 lead. and have a half game lead. >> it
still in the hunt for the final wild card spot in the nfc with the victory. >> niners and seahawks facing off in seattle. a 49er win they can clinch the nfc west title but have to do it without justin smith. bum left elbow, ending a streak of 185 straight starts. >>> the fedex super bowl champion giants trying to stay alive facing the ravens. flacco threw for 309 yards, two t.d.s, also ran one. ravens clinch the everybody action -- afc north. the giants are still alive but need a lot of health. >> cowboys and saints, tony romo, hits miles austin in the end zone. cowboys scored two tds in the final four minutes to send it to overtime. drew brees, also luck here in o.t. colston fumbles to the dallas 2-yard line. saints then kick the game-winner. cowboys can still make the playoffs. saints are out but win in o.t. >> cowboys need to win next week every the red cowboys, washington facing the eagles, rg3 rhode. redskins i can clinch with wayne over dallas next week. >> the nfc has three spots open with six teams vying for the final three spots next weekend, and the niners kick off right
birthday, niner win they clinch the afc west but have to do it without justin smith. bum left elbow ending his streak of 185 straight starts. seattle leads 21 or right now in the first half. >> defending super bowl champion giants trying to stay alive for the postseason, facing the ravens. joe flacco making things difficult. threw for 309 yards, two t.d.s, this one to ray rice. ravens clinch the everybody action afc north. >> cowboys playoff chances took hit against the saints. romo to austin. cowboys scored two t.d.s in the final four minutes to send it to overtime. drew brees had 446 yards passing. colston fumbles at the 20-yard to the dallas two yardline. the south carolina recovery and hartley kicks the game-winner. saints are out but they win it in overtime. >> cowboys only needed some help to win next week over the redskins. washington facing the eagles. rg iii two t.d.s in his return from a knee injury. they win 27-20, and can clinch the division with a win over dallas next week, and niner highlights tonight at 11:00. am aa >> ama: join my tonight. stormy weather is creating a big m
now - as for sunday's regular season finale against arizona - the niners are 16 1/2 point favorites to beat the cardinals and clinch the nfc part because arizona is starting their fourth string quarterback take a look at brian hoyer - arizona is dead last. the niners should be able to deal with the cardinals. however, could they regained some of that momentum after the ball ofat seattle the blowof loss at seattle? >> with a running start towards the court championship. >> the niners are also dealing with a slew of injuries - both tight end vernon davis and justin smith held out of practice today - davis with the concussion and smith with the elbow injury of course wide receiver mario manningham tore his a-c-l sunday on this play - and won't be back until next season at the earliest we should get a look at a j janekins... the he will be the backup to grandma's and michael crabtre and randy moss and michael crabtree. >> i am just not looking at it i just want to of a great game. it >> he is a good receiver. he has great quickness and want to get the ball in his hands. >> i jus
app for android. i'm karin caifa reporting. >> coming up, your full sports, with the forty- niners, jason applebaum. >> the rainfall finally try to subside. with sunny conditions possibly for tomorrow morning. however, there is another storm on the way your full forecast coming up. . >> corta madera images with downed trees in some areas, strong wind and even flooding in palo alto, highway 1 0 1 and the napa river. however, conditions are improving. the stormtracker 4, the rain has ended in most spots. that is going to be the taste for at least 24-a 36 hours. that will be the-case-. light rainfall and residual showers in nature for the southern portions of san jose. for the rest of the bay area, dry for now and partial clearing. for the napa river, a flood stage at st. helena, 16 ft.. right now, the correct ripple level is at 15.9 ft.. it is beginning to subside the correct ripple level-is 15.90. napa, is also improving the flood is at 15 but it was forecast to go above flood stage. but that is not going to happen. this live look at the bay bridge and this camera lens was covered
year with the niners and steady with that run. the all time rushing touchdown record. as he moves it in with his 51st and second two yard touchdown. 49ers lead it 24-6. and they are in control of the western division of course and meanwhile in the postgame it's all set up for the 49ers in the bye week following that, they'll play saturday on the 13th a 5:00 game at the stick. >>> you know i remember those first four years and what it felt like this time with the years you're just playing for, playing for pride and playing for you know just going to offseason to feel better. now with these last two seasons to be playing for something. it's a blessing. >> we work very hard, you know win the division. it feels good. >> proud of the way you guys came out. >> we got a w and i'm happy with it. >> you reached 1,000 yards this evening. what does that milestone feel for you? >> my dude made it happen. i'm just going out there running routs, catching the ball. trying to make a play. i'm really focused on these play offs you know. with how bad i did last year. in my opinion i feel i didn't
is off and ric rick kwan in tonigt with all of the sports. >> several niners named in the probowl. the rosters named today and we will let you know who made it from the 49ers and raiders and the warriors try bounce back from look at you guys with your fancy-schmancy u-verse high speed internet. you know, in my day you couldn't just start streaming six ways to sunday. you'd get knocked off. and sometimes, it took a minute to download a song. that's sixty seconds, for crying out loud. we know how long a minute is! sitting, waiting for an album to download. i still have back problems. you're only 14 and a half. he doesn't have back problems. you kids have got it too good if you ask me. [ male announcer ] now u-verse high speed internet has more speed options, reliability and ways to connect. rethink possible. coming up tonight, lost wedding ring. a chain installer finds a ring but not the owner. how you can help rejoin them. >>> the three women who walked into a store with empty bags and what police say they were after. those stories and more coming up on abc 7 news at 11:00 over on
do not like them. >> well, there you have it. >> ryan has led a nine-ring circus. this press conference may have been the low point. >> come to find out that barry was not exactly truthful with our training staff after the game. you know, he never disclosed any symptoms after the game to our trainers. right now, he is being evaluated for a concussion. i am going to start mark sanchez. he had a stir earlier in the season. >> and tim too is not -- tim tebow is not too happy about. of course not. and rural mcelroy thrown under the bus in a dramatic fashion. sticking let tim tebow, the guy for whom the jets traded a fourth round pick and paid $4 million this season -- never started a game. >> should i ask you about the theory about them using tebow as a scapegoat? or are you not allowed to comment? >> there are a lot of things going on with the jets'. a lot of people better there will be gone. >> so, it does not matter? we will be back. >> here is a look at what we're working on for you for 11 years tonight's. how officials at the port of baltimore are preparing in case negotiati
. coming up next, rick kwan with sports. >> niners preparing for arizona. the latest on who is going to replace mario manningham z pro bowl selections made today. which players will get a >>> with mario manningham out it appears niners will reactivate from the practice squad w mounting injury, san francisco was a 16 and a half point favor troit beat arizona sunday. cardinals lost 10 of the last 11 and we'll have brian boyer making a first nfl start. coach asked what problems arizona presents. >> we played against this team three times. you know? sometimes in a game like this, anything goes and you know they're going to be to win the game. and you have to be ready and alert for just about anything could be a new quarterback and new offensive system. anything is possible. >> if 49ers win and green bay loses san francisco will capture nfc west and get a first round bi. also picked is defensive tackle justin smith, and linebacker patrick williams -- willis. first timers, the raider dz not have a single player to make prot bowl. speaking of oakland no decision on who will start at quarter
are said to be in good health. >>> good for them. joe's is here to tell us about the niners trying to get ready for this weekend. >> they get some getting ready to do of the biggest game for the 49ers is the one they'll play sunday at home against the arizona cardinals. they'll do so without the help of mario manningham. he ultimately needed to be helped off the field and it was learned today we will be lost further season suffering from two torn knee ligaments. manningham is the fourth 49er to be lost for the year. a.j. jenkins was the niners first round draft pick out of i illinois but he's yet to catch a pass as a pro. he expects to see some playing time after a new experience for him most of the season, watching from the bench. >> going through my whole career i never really had to sit out. it's like my first time doing it. you never saw the game from the sideline as much as i did, so but now i'm starting to play, i am ready for it. >>> a major haul today by 49ers when pro bowl selections were announced, nine players were announced to the team. on defense, patrick willis is now perfec
roster is in the 40 niner's lead the nfc with nine invitations. this matches last season's total includes four time honorees. all the nine players are slated to start the january 27th game except for running back frank goal or an inside linebacker navarro bowman. the nine selections come close to the most ever for the 40 niner's lead 10 players selected for the program in 1984. mayors about the madison wisconsin are making a friendly bet on the outcome of the roles will game. the stanford cardinals will take on the wisconsin badgers and january 1st. a losing air where the other teams had their common council meeting and also displayed a flag of the winning team for a day. losing city will also plans a tree and honor of the winning team. >> force magazine has released the list of best actors for the buck. top actors provided studios with the highest average return for their films. actress natalie portman top the list for writing more than $42 for every dollar she earns. twilight start christensen word came in close second reading in more than $40. storage costars also made the top 10 rober
as "doutbful" for sunday.but you can bet he's really "out" as the niners won't risk further injury before the playoffs after all, why risk it? - the niners are 16 1/2 point favorites without smith to beat the cardinals and clinch the nfc west alex smith was the man in their first meeting back in week 8, some two months ago. alex smith was nearly flawless in the game - in fact statistically it was his best game ever going 18/19 for 232 yards and 3 touchdowns it was also the last full game smith would play this year - he suffered the concussion the following week and lost the job to colin kaepernick. >> that was our goal, to become part of the west but we need to win. >> this week with david tree, that is what we are concentrating on right now. this week, we need a win. the 49ers a very different team now - and with the division title at stake their doing their best not >> anthony davis fined 49ers right tackle anthony davis was fined $10,000 for this late hit on seattle rookie cornerback jeremy lane it happened late in the game with the seahawks victory well in hand davis is 330 poundslane
? supervisor kim: i am a fan of the forty-niners and are giants and are warriors. i want them to stay in the area. one thing i love about the giants is it is so easily accessible by caltran and muni, and i hope to see that infrastructure build for the forty-niners if the state. the same thing for the america's cup. we have to make sure as we build infrastructure for major sporting events we are keeping in mind the needs of san francisco and what they would like to see come out of these events. it is great if it creates jobs and helps to raise our tax base. >> slightly unrelated, but i am curious how you feel your work -- how your work with the school board has prepared to for being a supervisor? supervisor kim: i will say this about the board of education. when i ran for the board of education, i really wanted to represent and make sure i had to be -- had to have a voice in the system. what really surprised me about being on the school board was how much i enjoyed it. i really loved it. i love meeting with families, meeting with teachers, visiting schools, and getting a deeper underst
.which as vicki mentioned would lock up the nfc west title - and assure the niners of a home game in the first round of the playoffs.of course a win coupled with a packers loss to minnesota would lock up the number two seed and the first round bye that goes with it. .the big question for this team -- which has really struggled the last six quarters -- especially on defense - is can they regain some momentum heading into the playoffs >> that is our main objective to play for the western conference it division championship this week. and also get a running start to the big championship. he was referring to the super bowl. one other piece of nfl news - pro bowl rosters announced today. and the niners are very well represented.not so for the raiders as you might expect. i'll have that story coming up in a little over an hour. >> vicki: we are looking forward to that game is going to be exciting. traffic on the bay bridge looking decent. headlights northbound -- commute direction 680 near the hwy. 24 interchange >> jacqueline: the rate the we have seen as largely coming to when and with some scatte
by chancellor. left the game with a concussion. niners get a scoring opportunity chip shot from david achers and stanford man goes 90 yards the other way. 28-6 at the half. this game was over but no one told to seattle. here is two to doug baldwin and another opportunity for san francisco, kaepernick picked off by sherman. 244 yards and one touchdown and pick. seahawks clinch a playoff spot improving to 10-5. and coach, how about kaepernick's play. >> everybody is going to feel the same way, this wasn't good. you can't feel like he coached well or plied well after this one. >> i mean every time you are on the field you are learning something. we just have to take what we can from this game and move on. >> packers grab number two with a 49er loss they crushed the titans. this one to randall cobb makes a great catch. packers win 55-7. >>> it's been a long season for the raiders and their fans. this is one of the most incompetent years evident with the loss to carolina. it has radar fans keep coming out. cam through for 27 yards. physical game, carson paul her gets crushed by brady. palmer left
day" where does collin, the niner quarterback, go to get away from it all? try mom and dad's house. >> that is how it is. actually, if collin comes home and he lays down on this coach or somewhere and my daughter comes in and my daughter says off the couch he gets off of the couch. he gets no special privileges at home. he is just collin. i think he likes that. we don't talk much football when he is home. >>> a closer look at his roots from turlock, california. look at that high school picture. a full report from seattle following his big showdown with the seattle seahawks. that is all coming up tonight. >> i was raised with sister who kicked me off of the couch, too. i understand. >> even though you were brian hackney coming? >> especially. yes. that is it for us. we will update you on the conditions in 30 minutes, news updates always on cbs. appreciate you watching, cbs evening news is next. see you in half an hour ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, >> glor: tonight the nra debate, in the aftermath of newtown shooting the national rifle association said its policies are not too blame and tighter c
the cardinals. the niners receiving core is depleted. >>> time now for the wednesday night top five. no. 5, back to the warriors. stephen curry, look at the ball handling. and the lay-up -- uh-huh -- impressive! no. 4, knicks j. r. smith for the win! he beats phoenix. no. 3, oh, it's d-wade. a shot in the man zone! no. 2, it's alabama-notre dame, watch this crimson tide fan! >> we goin' to the game, huh? we goin' to the game! ha ha ha! >> i'm not making this up. true tide fan. we're goin' to the game! >> he gave him a hat. >> a hat. and they checked the size. looked in there and there's the tickets. going to the january 7 game. >> that's a good one. >> great one for pop. >> you can see him just tearing up. >> overcome. >> aw. >> it's religion down there in the sec. all i can say is roll tide! and yeah, d-wade, can't he just hit an elbow or something? he goes for the man zone! oh! >> mean! mean. your christmas tree dropping pine needles d jack! , what happened? me and jason came back with drinks and all 20 nuggets were gone. we got nugged. there was a nugging. this guy just came runni
-- i'm ready. >>> niners, justin smith update. he will miss his second straight game because of a torn tricep. he was injured september 16. when reporters asked if he would be ready for i the postseason, smith said -- for the postseason, smith said, yeah, i'll be ready to roll. >>> time now for your friday night top five. 5, it's the nuggets and mavericks. andre iguodala missed the lay- up. but kenneth faried with the slam. no. 4, austin finishes with a dunk. pistons upset the heat. no. 3, kyle looks to have the fast- break lay-up. no. 2, clippers rally in the second half to beat utah. the clippers have won 16 in a row. no. 1, the kings led the knicks by as many as 27. look at that! james johnson of sacramento, hits his first three pointer of the year. kings win the game. don't go away. more news after the break. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, newscast is tomorrow mornin 4-30. >>> david letterman is next with bill murray. ( band playing "late show" theme ) >> from new york, the greatest city in the world, it's the "late show" with david letterman. tonight... plus paul shaffer and the cbs orche
in this season. and that the forty- niners, are they going to be able to win without justin smith? >> umphwelcome back everyone. the road to the superbowl looks a little tougher for the 49ers after it was revealed today that defensive lineman justin smith has a partially torn tricep tendon in his left arm justin smith injury the 49ers defensive lineman has a partial tricep tear of a tendon near his left elbow >> you know the we do not want to make any excuses. it has an impact as a great player. however, it is still our responsibility to get the job gun. >> of arden at davis to get the-job done-- >> you kind of knew serious after he missed his first the team is hoping smith can put off surgery until after the season - that the man they call "cowboy" can play through the pain but he's likely out for sunday's regular season finale against arizonaand his status for the playoffs better news for tight end vernon davis who sustained a concussion on this hit - which makes me wince every time i see it - davis was cleared by two doctors to resume non- contact football activity - and was a partial particip
.but you can bet he's really "out" as the niners won't risk further injury before the playoffs >>> anthony davis fined $10,000 49ers right tackle anthony davis was fined $10,000 for this late hit on seattle rookie cornerback jeremy lane it happened late in the game with the seahawks victory well in hand davis is 330 poundslane is 190 the best part is when davis puts his arms up at the end, like "who me?" so davis, $10 grand lighter in the wallet >>> matt leinart or terrelle pryor? which quarterback would coach dennis allen choose to diego? >> i have decided to go with pryor >>> >> mostpryor makes first start and a collective, "better late than never" from raider fans quite frankly pryor seemed like the obvious choice over journeyman backup matt leinart raider fans have been hoping to get a look at pryor the past two years but for whatever reason he hasn't gotten any playing timehe'll finally get his chance sunday in san diego >> i will be nervous. schist to confirm that at the first practice. i am going to be nervous however, i am going to be ready. -- just to confirm. for the first practi
fans are getting ready for the playoffs. the niners clinch their second straight nfc west title yesterday by beating the cardinals at home with a final 27-13. that means san francisco will have an extra week to prepare before hosting a divisional round game. they will face either the packers, sea hawks or redskins. meanwhile the oakland raiders ended their disappointing season the way it started. in the third quarter the raiders rallied to come to three points shy of heading into overtime. but the chargers ended up winning 24-21. the raiders won only four games this entire season. >>> coming up a winter storm turns tragic in oregon. >> i've been a firefighter for 20 years. this is the first time i've seen anything like this. >> what happened moments before a tour bus lost control on a dangerous roadway. and the warning transportation officials are sending to drivers. >>> reality star kim kardashian is making headlines this morning. big announcement kanye west made. >>> a look at highway 4 shows traffic moving along very nicely. we will take a look at the parts of the east bay co
-0. were the niners worn out from last week's game. yes. and the seahawks impose their pain. replay shows that he was just playing old fashion slobber knocker football. field goal kicker akers frustrating season, it keeps him on it. richard sherman scoops it and scores. this guy played for harbaugh and this is the way simpson treats him. he's seen heading away that way again. and someone gives pete carol an umbrella. leroy hill twists and tackles manningham, manningham leaves with a knee injury. and doug baldwin, baldwin performs a great ballet style move to beat carlos rogers that's a 49 touchdown 35-6. kaepernik threw for as many yards but there goes the stanford graduate again. seattle singing in the rain and harbaugh and the niners limp home. they do add a late touchdown. seattle clenches at least a wild card spot. 49ers were already in the play offs but joe fonzi was in seattle and they say those seahawks were for real. >> the seattle offense that the 49ers saw tonight was a far cry in the one they saw in the win against the seahawks back in october. a major reason is roger wilson. >
their second division title yesterday. a 27-13 victory at arizona that caps niners regular season at 11, 4, one. nfc meaning the 49ers will get a first round bye in the playoffs. get to watch this up upcoming weekend. the head coach says coaches rb working to try to prepare for this week as well, players will get a couple days off. >> i hope they rest their minds and bodies. they've got to be really important. you know? celebration willjhk! be after e super bowl. not new year's eve. >> harbaugh said niners will consider bringing in new kickers. he has been erratic this season, and missed two more field goals yesterday. as for raiders they fired four assistant coaches today after the sill skprer black missed playoffs for the 10th gleer a row. coaches got their pink slips. raiders dismissed special teams coordinator, offensive line coach and line backers head. the head coach said, quote, decisions like this are very difficult but the team did not perform, so changes. that is what happens. >> yes. listen to this. a few paper moving out of bankruptcy could mean for the future of other big-name new
officially listed as "doutbful" for sunday.but you can bet he's really "out" as the niners won't risk further injury before the playoffs. ------------------------ alex smith was a man that that was the game in which alex smith was nearly flawless. statistically, it was the best of his career. 18, 419 and three touchdowns. also it was the last fall gave that he would play. he suffered a concussion the following week and a loss of the job to call on kaepernick and we know the rest. the 49ers team now with the division title at stake if they do not want to overlook arizona. after all, why risk it? - the niners are 16 1/2 point favorites without smith to beat the cardinals and clinch the nfc west cardinals in their first meeting two months ago back alex smith was nearly flawless in the game - in fact statistically it was his best game ever going 18/19 for 232 yards and 3 touchdowns it was also the last full game smith would play this year - he suffered the concussion the following week and lost the job to colin kaepernick. the 49ers a very different team now - and with the division title at stake
and if you're going to the niners came? temperatures in the low 50s the niners gave the -- and for the seven day around the bay. we could see some showers monday night. the chance of showers returns on thursday. >>> authorities say a body pulled from the water near oakland's jack london square is that of a man in his 60s. the body was spotted by people near the marina around 9 yesterday morning. police say the people who found the body helped pull it from the water. police have only identified the body as that of a white man in his 60s. detectives are working with the coroner's office to determine if the man's death was a homicide. >>> authorities have released the names of a father and son who died after they were swept into the sea while fishing near the golden gate bridge 37-year-old juan escamillo- rojas and nine-year-old juan carlos escamillo-monroy died after waves pulled them into the water friday night. the father and son were fishing near the marin headlands. a fireboat crew pulled the two from the water, but they were both pronounced dead. another adult was also swept into the ocea
earn the niners a first round bye - so long as the 49ers take care of after four years with the yankees, swisher signs a 4- deal with the tribe option for a fifth season deal with the tribe option for a fifth season that could bring the value to $70 million - he was born in ohio - and state with 24 home runs last year. swisher was an all-star two years agoplays pretty good defense and always seems to (music)
with the triplet seattle quarterback wilson. collin kaepernick led by their rocking crowds. they wrote the niners 42 to 13. wilson's touchdowns put him one and shy of patent mannings rookie record. -- peyton manning former stanford star richard sherman struggle all night with the deafening noise of the field. >> we don't feel good about it but that is how we handle it. that is how we respond. >> that is true they are still and first. the raiders weren't kinder any to them. the panthers beat the raiders 1726. they held the panthers to 129 yds and several shoving matches played in heated exchanges. carson palmer was knocked out of the game. >> we make believe it did not happen. it is not absolutely necessary anyway. move on. think of christmas shopping. remember the whole 24 our thing with macy's? they're open. you go shopping any time. they have the skating rink of which they've had for a while. >> at the new year's live party? with catherine he and and gary radnich. we will be back. >> the time is 6:26 a.m. and wall street has revealed the best and worst ads of 2012. among the best is a rebel wit
by wilson. it's 14-0. were the niners worn out from last week's game. yes. and the seahawks impose their pain. replay shows that he was just playing old fashion slobber knocker football. field goal kicker akers frustrating season, it keeps him on it. richard sherman scoops it and scores. this guy played for harbaugh and this is the way simpson treats him. he's seen heading away that way again. and someone gives pete carol an umbrella. ley
a slow start to throw for a career best 276 yds and two touchdowns as the niners did their part to control the postseason picture. thanks to minnesota and talking of green bay, the 49ers grab the second seed in and at sea and earned a coveted by week. >> we got everything we wanted to get done today. the champion, western division champions that means a lot to our staff and players. i am congratulating them for getting that done. they are arguably the best division in football. >> a well coast season. 49ers won't know who they play until after the wild- card round of playoffs. they will host a higher seed of next week's winners and the fans are not worried either way. also the last game of the regular season for the oakland raiders but not as happy ending as for the 49ers. they lost to san diego chargers 24 to 21 a late rally by oakland coming up just short. the raiders finished the season with a record of 4 and 12. we are waiting for skies to write and in the bay area at as there is very light traffic on the james lick. not much in the wake of the morning commute on this new ye
returning to the forecast wednesday evening. >> the forty-niners injury ♪ [ female announcer ] no more paper coupons. no more paper lists. [ dog barking ] ♪ no more paper anything. safeway presents just for u. ♪ save more. save easier. saving more, starts now. just for u on the safeway app. >> preparations are underway for the famous new year's eve ball drop at times square. workers today installed waterford crystal triangles on the ceremonial ball. the ball, with its 288 crystal panels, will drop down a 141-foot-tall flagpole to usher in the new year. the crystal panels have doves chiseled into them for the theme "let there be peace." the widow of dick clark -- the longtime host for the new year's eve festivities -- helped install a panel with her late husband's name engraved on it. the bay area's favorite way to ring in the new year. is always with kron 4. the biggest parties and spectacular fireworks. will all be on kron 4's new year's live show. it is hosted by catherine heenan and gary radnich. kron 4's - new year's live. starts at 11-30 on new years eve. we'll be right back >> gran
. are you confident that you have done the equivalent that the niners did at tibco? >> i am very confident of that, jim. we have strong leadership in north america. there were parts of north america where we had great strength. there were areas where we grew and we have to replicate that model across the board. you have to rec, recommend, jim, last time i missed i went on to have 17 very strong quarters consecutively after that and the stock grew five-fold from that point in time. hopefully we can reproduce those rules results moving forward. it was entirely our fault. it was bad execution. >> how are you able to do so well in europe compared to america? is that just an example of you were disciplined in europe and you got a lot of business? i'm trying to understand. europe is harder right now than america. >> exactly. that underscores the point that what we do nobody else can do. we want to make the offer when your wallet is out of your pocket not six months after you leave the store. you can go look in the filing cabinet that oracle or s.a.p. or microsoft has and that's the 20th century.
most people don't think of sports fans have been a kind of mystical power. but i think the 40 niners is a team that mirrored san francisco itself, very poetic, bill bush, nine of a poet, really brought the city together with the first super bowl the true 1982. and finally, the way the city itself is very significant. here's a city that's gone through very time over gay rice, said three liberation and a lot of hate directed at someone on the street. they could've gone reeling backwards and gone into the abyss without point. people did not the epidemic. there is panic that began to rise in san francisco and throughout the country. people didn't know whether they could eat in restaurants where gays were working arcaro to clothing stores that were in the castro and once again though, the city came together and again because of diane feinstein readership in part, the daughter of the doctor who had a medical background herself, was married to a doctor. and the medical community and the city that based on her weekend.yours and nurses at the age toward, dr. paul wilbur dang and others. and t
with quarterback tirrell pryor make his first nfl start. the niners are at the stick at arizona needing a win to clinch the nfc west, kickoff for both, 1:25. the warriors rolled past the boston celtics. here's rick kwan with the highlights of this morning's sports. >>> good morning. the red hot warriors said good-bye to 2012 with a bang. last night they notched their 21st victory. that's the first time since 1980 they have gotten that many wins before new year's day. boston without rajon rondo, who is out with a thigh injury. third quarter action. check out this passing. davidson lee with the dunk. first-round pick harrison barns had 15 points, 8 rebounds. he knocks down a three. golden state led by 17 at the break. lee goes behind the back to steph curry. he fakes out the defender and hits the jumper. next possession, steph, this time from another zip code. curry with a team high. warriors role 101-83. and they next host the team with the best record in the league, the l.a. clippers on wednesday. >> the top-ranked women's basketball team squared off against number two, connecticut. the last
on the kron four morning news. the niners take on the night. losing big time. we'll have some of the highlights just ahead. and, heavy rains hit the bay area yesterday. we'll show you some of the flooding. plus, we are watching your holiday weather this morning. we'll be checking in with erica who has a look at your forecast. and we'll also be checking in with george who has a look at our morning commute. >> it was a wet weekend across the bay area. >> it looks like it is going to be wet, and the rain will continue. with showers on thursday and unsettled with a dry in julian wahl at lasts. temperatures in the 40's and the 30's as recall for this afternoon, mainly sunny skies. as we go for a ma of this afternoon. light wind and i will have your full details on what we can expect from a holiday forecast, coming up. and traffic, george? >> good morning. this quick commute around the bay area. light traffic is what we would expect. no problems on the light will north bay. ( male announcer): now here's stanley roberts who found 6 c1 >> developing news. police in greenbrae are searc
be nice. >> eager to get back out there. those were the word from davis today. forty-niner tight end still covering from this hit in seattle. wearing the non-contact jersey second day in practice. questionable for arizona this wean. adamant he wants to play in cleared and still thinking about the hit. >> pretty brutal. looked pretty brutal. it was brutal. brutal. >>reporter: do you think it was legal and penaltyize but not fined. >> i don't think it was legal, no. if. >> you can blame all the commotion on union square today on this. [ band playing] abou about. >> band players coaches arizona state take downtown san francisco for co-pep rally 2 schools face off tomorrow in the hunger bowl. 49ers quarterback collin played two years ago in the victory over boston college. coach in nevada is retiring. known for creating the pistol offense under which he thrived he leaves after 28 years with winningest coach in wolf pack history. minnesota texas tech. the check out the kick off return by the red raiders grant. 160 pounds of pure speed. 99 yard kick off return early on for le
's what's made. >>reporter: coach will decide tomorrow. niner news limit entered practice. suffered concussion on that hit sunday in seattle. needs to pass further test to be cleared for this weekend. this is torn tri-accept tendon. surrendered 73 points in 6 quarters and injured in new england back up and ready to go again. >> just need to a little bit better and trying to separate diffence between how he gets things do how do i things. >>reporter: 49ers out in the community what sims like a weekly basis doing things like. that linebacker grant escorting contingent of kids from anchor home to showing of how to train the dragon at hp pavilion in san jose. guessing they enjoyed the show. third time past 4 years stanford women face off top 2 team in the nation. cardinal no. 1. huskies number two the squad lost last year one of the 2 losses on the season. home court advantage the cardinal winner of 82 straight at maple pavilion. >> excited we are playing here. we have done very well. our team has played very well. we
are in the playoffs as the number 6 seed and securing the fact that the niners would clench the second seed and a first round by. meantime, everything out on the table tonight back east, dallas and the redskins, anxiety old -- age old rivals, the winner winner eastern nfc title at steak. >> a hundred 50 pounds in the last 3 games not against the rams, although russell wilson not able to find an open receiver. tuck and run for the touchdown, wilson with 250 yards throwing 2 touchdowns, rams drive down to the 29 with less than a minute to go, quarterback bradford picked up by sherman to seal a victory for seattle. 49ers saw enough of that guy last week. 20 to 13, seahawks clench the fifth seed. >> there was only 1 reason to watch the raiders game and that was to take a look at the first professional start for a young quarterback, and it was entertaining, a little glimmer of hope there. chargers to meek oakland -- meet okay land this year. michael purlock on the -- spur lock will go untouched up the middle, 99 yards. where is your special teams defense? not there. san diego chargers with an ea
at home. the niners beat the arizona cardinals yesterday 27-13 and michael crabtree caught 8 passes. 172 yards and two touchdowns including that one. that win means the 49ers will have an extra week to get ready before hosting a divisional round game saturday, january 12th. they will either play the packers, sea hawks, or redskins. they lost to the san diego chargers third quarter the raiders rallied from 17 points down to come just three points shy of heading into overtime. but the chargers ended up winning 24-21. the raiders won only four games this season. >>> time now 5:26. big sports fan tara moriarty is here. but she's focusing on traffic this morning. right? >> that was a great game. you had to be so excited for the collin. that was great. a lot of excited people in our household. if you're celebrating new years out today you have a lot of options transit wise. hewn ye, caltrain, bart offering free rides. some won't be making as frequent stops as they normally do. right now we will head outside ten take a -- and take a look at 880. traffic moving all in both directions. 680 at th
of a cam slow start to throw for a career best to attend is a charge and two touchdowns as the niners did their part to control the postseason picture is based minnesota knocking off green bay, the 49ers grabbed second seed in the nsc and earn the coveted by week. >> 49ers will not know that play into up to the wild card round of the playoff. >> also the last game of the raiders' season for the oakland raiders but not as happy of unending as for the 49ers. >> they lost to the san diego chargers 24-21. a late rally by oakland coming up just short. >> the raiders since the season with a record of four and 12. >> we will be right back to king live look at an overturned car near the san pablo dam rescue on scene right now. we will be right back. >> the woman driving was at was to get out without injuries. the vehicle is flipped upside down. black eyes reported on san pablo dam road [ male announcer ] subway has so many heart-healthy and delicious meals certified by the american heart association. look for the heart check on your favorite subway fresh fit meals, from the tempting turkey breast
players and i congratulate them for getting that done. >> that they did. the niners beat the cardinals 27-13. >>> quarterback terrelle pryor got his first nfl start yesterday for the raiders at san diego. the chargers were up 10-0 in the 2nd quarter when he got his first career touchdown, a pass to darrius heyward-bey but san francisco won 24-21. oakland finishes the year 4-12. >>> play of the day, in the nfl peyton manning what a year he has had and what a catch. demaryius thomas can you say one-handed and reels that baby back in beautiful catch. the broncos beat the kansas city chiefs 38-3. i think they are the number one seed in the afc play-offs. >> home field advantage throughout the play-offs. >> they have won 11 in a row thanks to peyton manning. >>> the "fiscal cliff" deadline hours away but talks are stalled. can lawmakers reach a deal in time? >> plus a car careens into a packed funeral home over the weekend. what the teens in the cars were doing before impact. >> we're live in san francisco, where arson investigators will be looking into a suspicious house fire. we'll tell you
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